it all starts with a conversation...

let's talk.

1. free consultation

Use our contact form (or call) to set up a free consultation with a sight line team member.

2. assessment sheet

To better understand your hopes and dreams for your new site, we will ask you to fill out our assessment sheet.

3. estimate proposal

After receiving your assessment sheet, we will create an estimate detailing key features to be included in your site as well as explain the estimated costs.

4. sign contract

If you like our estimate, we'll sign a simple contract so we both know what to expect.

Let's rock and roll!

let's get creative.

let's set it up.

1. design logo

Using our 1 + 3 process (1 design + 3 revisions), we will design the perfect logo for you or your company. If you have an existing logo, we will build your site around your current brand/logo.

2. design site

After we have created your logo, we begin developing the core experience of your site. Here, we'll design your User Interface, Navigation, General Layout and Basic Artwork.

3. develop site template

After the artwork has been perfected (using our 3+1 process), we'll transform the artwork into a functional website. At this step, we develop the outer shell which will house your main content. This template may include your logo, header, menubar, other navigational items, social media links, footer, or any part of the site a user is most likely to see on every page.

add content

4. Once the template has been completed, we begin filling in the main content for each individual page. This is where we place your written copy, photos, audio, video, contact info, and/or any other information to be viewed within the main content area of your site.

1. purchase domain

We'll help you through the sometimes overwhelming process of purchasing your domain name. Optional: We also help transfer domain names already in your possession to our preferred web host,

2. configure hosting

We'll set up your hosting (web space for your site) to accomodate the needs of your site. (What is hosting you ask? If you 'host' your website on your own computer at home; when you shut off your computer, your users would be unable to access your site. Hosting is the act of purchasing space on a computer/server that is always on and is usually charged as a monthly fee.)

3. set up your new email

We will connect your new business e-mail to your existing personal e-mail so you may send e-mails from all from within your favorite e-mail client.

4. our command center

This is exciting! We have a Command Center which gives you the ability to upload files, see our progress, and communicate with team members. We'll set you up so you'll never miss out the action!

let's go live!

1. Search Engine Optimization

You'll send us your keywords, keyword phrases, and a description for your site.

2. Google Analytics

We'll add Google Analytics, an application for tracking visitors to your site.

3. Favicon

We'll add a favicon (bookmarking image) that matches your logo or design.

4. Finishing Touches

You'll send the remaining content for your site, and we'll make sure your site is ready to go live!