Client: About Mark Price | New York City, NY

What We Did: A cohesive design of both logo and layout. We also worked with the client to develop some unique blog features (music playlist and writing samples) that help differentiate his work from others.

Client: Blonde + Co. | New York City, NY

What We Did: Took existing artwork and developed a custom non-flash solution for infinite viewing on most browsers. We also developed a custom solution for iOS that allows ipads and iphones to view the site as desired.

Client: ASAP Cincinnati | Cincinnati, OH

What We Did: A complete rebranding of all corporate martierals including logo, stationary, website layout and graphic design. In addition, we added an easy to use form to quickly allow potential clients to reach the staff.

Client: Leslie Goddard Photography | New York City, NY

What We Did: Branding, artwork, concept and development. It was necessary to keep the design out of the way of the artistry in her photographs. We added a custom photo gallery which allows her to easily manage her photos.

Client: Katie Nanni | New York City, NY

What We Did: Concept, artwork, development. Katie is a great teacher, actress and choreographer, and her site need to showcase her career accomplishments. We developed the idea of an inline resume to highlight her credits and allow users to connect to more information about them.

Client: SayBayBee | New York City, NY

What We Did: Using Wordpress and it's unique CMS capabilities, we created a special blog and website giving Sae La Chin, the owner of SayBayBee, the ability to update the site herself. For example, she may upload an image and it is automatically placed in three different places at different sizes. Read her blog for all things baby.

Client: Cates Tutoring Blog | New York City, NY

What We Did: Cates needed a new blog to fit with their existing design. Without the original artwork, we created a similiar look and then developed the custom wordpress blog.




Laura Schutter the creator and designer for Broadway Baubles approached us to do an e-store to coincide with the launching of her new upscale jewelry line. Our concept included the logo design, which we set off in the site design by darkening the background. Using a neon sign gives the page a glow and allows people to connect her jewelry with Laura's broadway career and the bright lights of the theatre.

YAY!!!!! You guys have worked so hard on this and it looks fabulous. Thank you so much for such a great new website and store. YIPPY!

Laura Schutter


We built the site with e-commerce tools that allow Laura to easily update her stock and products without fear of messing up the store! Her page is fully functioning and live at www.broadwaybaubles.com



blonde site

In designing a site to represent the photography of Leslie Goddard, we spoke with her first on her thoughts about her work and also photography in general. We chose to use a grey theme throughout that settles the eye from extraneous colors and focuses directly on her images. Additionally, she wanted to include a few extras including a twitter feed, direct inclusion of her photos from flickr, and a blog.

Sightline Web Design created a user-friendly site that allows me to keep my galleries updated on my own! Thanks for the hard work, I am always so confident showing my work to prospective clients with the beautiful and professional site that you created.

Leslie Goddard

Leslie Goddard Photography

We chose to design the site on a wordpress base which easily allows her to update her testimonials from recent clients as well as images that she wishes to share as examples in her galleries. Because all of this content is easily editable by her, she has complete control over the content without any intervention from us. This has become a fabulous asset for her as she can upload new pictures almost immediately after putting them through post-processing! While her blog is still under construction, the purpose is to enable her to share her day to day interactions with her environment and her ability to capture the world around her. Check back soon for her brand new blog, sure to include some fabulous photos!